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Jul. 22nd, 2015 10:33 pm
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I bid on a story by [personal profile] siria  for the fandomaid Nepal fundraiser, and it's posted, and it's a really amazing post-Ultron Natasha story, and I don't think I've plumbed its layers well enough to describe it in any useful way but you should read it if you haven't already.

You're a Different Kind of Danger in the Daylight 
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Misha Collins and what appears to be a slightly tipsy William Shatner discuss charity and amphibian wine.

Enjoy. )
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We've been trapped in a family-owned house for literally-by-which-I-mean-not-extremely-figuratively decades because of reasons. Which (naturally at the worst possible time) no longer apply. So, we nadded up (this is not something I was raised to think I was capable of) and went shopping for a co-op.

As of yesterday afternoon, this is the view from my new home.


It's not perfect, but it's beautiful and it's ours.

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I never wanted them. Their internet is expensive and not reliable, and their bundle prices are excessive for what you get, which isn't actually what I wanted. Service, not so great. The customer service representatives lie kind of a lot (my favorite: I had one tell me the day CNN was talking about their network going down for the entire east coast that there were no known issues so the problem was with my machine). Unfortunately, it's the only high speed internet my neighborhood was wired for.

But I don't think I quite got how they got to be one of the most hated companies in America until the day after I cancelled my service, when I got a phone call from a retention specialist who identified himself as "a lawyer with Time Warner Cable" who wanted to talk about "issues with my cancellation."

I've been paying extra for service for the last five months because renewing our bundle would have left us paying a penalty when we cancelled, so there were actually no issues with my cancellation. Other than, apparently, Time Warner Cable's willingness to implicitly threaten me with legal action if I don't change my mind.
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There is seriously nothing on because it's all hours of the morning, so I'm watching a show called Second Acts on geezer TV.

She's an interior designer who won't admit that she can't accomplish a limitless amount because she firmly believes it's just a matter of effort and purpose. She just brought her husband into the firm.

Her husband is a former construction executive who was forced out of his job after a takeover, and he wants to steamroller their (female) clients and his wife into accepting his snap decisions (which the show repeatedly frames as "alpha male") and meeting his deadlines.

Her name is Meredith. His name is Rodney.

The world is an impressively strange place.
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Sir Terry is gone.

I'm glad for him that he didn't outlive his mind, since he was so insistent on that, but I'm a little heartbroken now.
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The picture on the left is the infamous black and blue dress. The picture on the right is what happens to the picture on the left when you adjust the lightest point of the dress to white (which would also explain the completely burned out background of the original picture).

WADR to all the really interesting things people have had to say about the science of perception, I'm going to vote for an instagram filter error.

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Feb. 27th, 2015 08:19 pm
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I discovered while I was looking for something else that all seasons of Atlantis and SG1 are back on Hulu.

oh dear.

Jan. 16th, 2015 10:02 pm
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ita's gone.

That's not right. There are people who should live forever in a wash of golden light, and she was one of them.
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SGA Santa is going away after this year.

There's no-one likely to see this who I wouldn't like to see a story from, so if you still have any positive associations, I'd love to see what you have to say.
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I'm still a little startled by this, but my 2012 McShep Match story is a podfic now.

This is not something I pictured happening. I'm tickled.
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I think if I didn't have moving expenses this summer I would try to find a way to be there anyway
A couple weeks ago, LeVar Burton announced a Kickstarter to raise $1 million to make Reading Rainbow more accessible to all children through the web and in-school programs. They quickly passed that goal (which brought Burton to tears), so Burton set his sights higher — $5 million. He's already at $3.6 million, but he has a plan to sweeten the pot. Burton will be hosting four Star Trek reading events in Los Angeles: one featuring classic women (Kate Mulgrew, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, and Jeri Ryan), one with classic men (Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, and Robert Picardo), one with William Shatner, and one with Patrick Stewart...

Right now it's $1,200 for three tickets, and $1,700 for three tickets with a meet-and-greet. Beam yourself over to the Kickstarter page if you're interested.
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I've been losing a lot of appointment TV lately, either because shows evolved in a direction I wasn't happy with, or because they went off the air altogether. I particularly mourn Leverage, Eureka, and Warehouse 13.

Which is why I'm absolutely tickled that the team who made Leverage, Dean Devlin and John Rogers, have been signed to make a series out of the Librarian movies, which were sort of a cross between Warehouse 13 and nerdier Indiana Jones adventures, with Noah Wylie as the academic badass and Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin as the team running the shadowy artifact warehouse.

If you haven't seen any of them, I recommend Curse of the Judas Chalice for a marvelous pre-Castle Stana Katic as a torch singer / something else spoilery.

Anyway, Wylie, Newhart and Curtin will still be there, but the new badass is Rebecca Romijn (Mystique from the XMen movies and Alexis from Ugly Betty, both badasses in their own right). They're also going to have Christian Kane (Eliot from Leverage, Lindsey McDonald from Angel), Matt Frewer (Max Headroom, Jim Taggart from Eureka and Dr. Leekie from Orphan Black), and John Larroquette (Night Court, the John Larroquette Show, Boston Legal).

I simply could not be more squeeful about this.
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Victoria Mallard, Duckie's mom, on NCIS?


Read more... )

It makes me really happy to know that, for no particular reason.

In other news: the very large fish tank at a Disney restaurant fails (the fish were saved)
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I started getting the stash urge around christmas, so I treated myself to some himalayan saree yarn,*


and now I need a project awesome enough to use it on. These are the frontrunners. pick one. )
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Revolutionary Jo was nice enough to record one of my favorite McKay/Sheppard stories, When I'm 64, as part of the online benefit for Typhoon Haiyan. Those are rambutans on the cover. They do, indeed, look extremely strange (this is a plot point).

This joins Mific's recording of Euler's Jewel as another very, very neat thing.
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For the last four years, we've been donating money to Heifer International, which provides livestock and training to bring people out of poverty, instead of buying presents for our family (so far, we've donated a llama, a water buffalo, five flocks of chickens, trees, geese, and some beehives). The people who receive the gifts have to pass on the offspring to other people in their communities, so there's a multiplier effect. We're all pretty happy with it.

The +1 for me, though, is that every year I get to design the card cut for image )
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 If you're not a food geek, you might not know Rick Bayless. He was well on his way to his doctorate when he fell so in love with mexican food that he dropped out and became a chef. Since then, he's opened wildly successful restaurants, won Top Chef Masters, and started nonprofits to finance organic farms.

It was his 60th birthday, and this very happy thing happened.

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